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the International women day

Location: Blackbird Cafe

Wheat Road Balcony Level 1, Cockle Bay Wharf Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW 2000

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The Honourable Jodie Harrison MP is the Member for Charlestown, currently serving in her third term since she was first elected in 2014. Jodie was appointed Minister for Women, Seniors and the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault on April 5 following the outcome of the 2023 NSW State Election. In her first year...

I founded Freedom For Humanity to help end this terrible scourge. Freedom for Humanity Ltd. was founded 4 years ago by a group of dedicated volunteers. Our purpose is to raise funds to fight Modern Slavery both in Australia and overseas. We aim to contribute directly to organisations at the coal face that achieve results...

Claudia Cummins is the NSW State Manager of The Salvation Army’s family violence and modern slavery response. Claudia has been working in this field in both frontline service provision and program management since 2016, when she joined The Salvation Army’s Trafficking and Slavery Safe House service. Claudia is passionate about rights-based responses to v

Genille Gordon, a Jamaican-born writer and advocate in Western Sydney, demonstrates an unwavering commitment to social change and community empowerment. Holding dual master’s degrees in International Communications and International Relations from Macquarie University, she addresses societal issues with intellect and dedication. Her role at the Community M

Bianca Hoare is a Year 12 student and Captain of Social Justice at Barker College. Through her leadership of the student-led initiative, Footprint Club, she promotes an undervalued catalyst of positive change: youth advocacy. She is passionate about grass-root approaches to combating pervasive sexist attitudes and recognizes the transformative power of educa

Katherine Hawes is a highly experienced legal professional with over 25 years of practice in the field of law. She is not only the founder of both Aquarius Lawyers and Digital Age Lawyers, but also the driving force behind Aquarius Education. Her extensive background in law has given her a deep understanding of the legal...

Sahera is a global leadership consultant, author, keynote speaker, coach, and Director at UNAA(NSW), leading the Human Rights pillar and Peace Ambassador (IEP). She has been relentlessly working on her mission to “empower leaders for a better world,” leaving her mark in over 25 countries and has undertaken capacity-building projects with organiza

Tahera by profession is a tax agent, business coach and business advisor. She manages over five thousand clients across the country. Tahera is a successful award winning Afghan business woman who made her remark in Parramatta LGA as one of the top ten successful business women in 2021. Tahera’s love and care for community made...

Every 30 SECONDS a person becomes a Victim of Modern slavery

An estimated 50 million people are in slavery today, marking a 25% increase over five years.

Modern Slavery includes: the crimes of human trafficking, slavery and similar practices such as servitude, forced labour, forced or servile marriage, the sale and exploitation of children, and debt bondage. In other words, Modern Slavery is a process of enslaving people, coercing them into a situation with no way out, and exploiting them.

Modern slavery



Some numbers

Miilions in forced labour
Million in forced commercial sexual exploitation
Miilions increase in five years since the last estimate
million people are in forced marriages

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    The more people who know about the scourge of Modern Slavery, the more people that will gain their freedom