Tahera JB Nassrat

Tahera JB Nassrat

Tahera by profession is a tax agent, business coach and business advisor. She manages over five thousand clients across the country.

Tahera is a successful award winning Afghan business woman who made her remark in Parramatta LGA as one of the top ten successful business women in 2021.

Tahera’s love and care for community made her to be a peace ambassador for International Women Peace Group and a former honorary Women Representative for UNICEF Afghanistan.

Tahera is associated with United Nations, numerous NGOs, and peace programs, her years of professional experience has enabled her to find the right balance between her business and philanthropic lifestyle.

Tahera hails from Afghanistan during the Taliban regime in 1998 and received higher education in Australia and graduated from the University of Western Sydney Australia. Tahera took part in multiple educational programs throughout various countries such as England , Scotland, Germany, Dubai, and Pakistan.

Tahera believes that her success is not a chance but a choice she made. She has been a successful woman among many other leading Afghans who made her remark in Australia.